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AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC, efficient filtration adapted to various types of water and different sectors

  • AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC, efficient filtration adapted to various types of water and different sectors

About the entity

AZUD business group develops technology and products for an efficient use of water in Irrigation, Filtration and Water Treatment, adapting the available water to agricultural, industrial and municipal applications.

The automatic disc filter product line AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC includes multiple combinations for an efficient filtration process adapted to different types of water and the special requirements of the municipal, industrial and agricultural sectors. Domingo Pérez Guarinos, Area Sales Manager at AZUD, tells us about this product in further detail.

Question: ¿What is AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC and what are its applications in the water sector?

Answer: AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC is our line of automatic filtering self-cleaning equipment, with multiple configurations available to adapt the filtration process to the conditions of the facility and the water quality requirements.

The equipment offers many possibilities in terms of degree of filtration, configuration and type of cleaning. This flexibility enables them to adapt to practically any type of filtration application in the industrial, municipal, residential and agricultural sectors, with optimal results.

Q: Please tell us about its main features.

A: AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC is synonymous with versatility and durability.

As I said earlier, the AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC product line includes a series of filtration ranges, from 5 µm to 400 µm.

Also, they are suitable for a wide range of water flows, ranging from low flows in the case of equipment with a single filtering element, to flows of several thousands of m3/h with the large flow modules that include tens of filtering elements.  

Moreover, they are able to treat different water qualities; for this, we have discs with different technologies to retain particles, as well as different cleaning systems.

On the other hand, we can manufacture the equipment in different materials, based on the operating conditions they will be subject to. They can have high chemical resistance to saltwater or waters with chemical substances, as well as mechanical resistance to high pressures or stress during operation.

Domingo Pérez Guarinos, AZUD Area Sales Manager

Q: What problems related to water cycle management does it address?

A: Thanks to the versatility of the filters and their capacity to retain suspended solids, the AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC line of products is present at many steps of the water cycle. Bear in mind that our filters are able to withstand waters with different loads of suspended solids, of different sizes and nature.

The AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC product line is used in drinking water treatment plants, as a pretreatment for some technologies such as ultrafiltration, or else as a screening step prior to other stages in the process.

Our filters are often used for industrial applications, whether to filter process water that requires excellent quality, or in a facility's own recirculation or reuse system. Likewise, the AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC line of equipment can often be found in agricultural applications, to protect irrigation systems.

Our filters are also used in waste water tertiary treatment, to further clean the water that can then be reused or discharged.

Q: How does it differ from other products in the market?

A: Thanks to the careful design and technical excellence of the manufacturing process, the AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC line of products are a benchmark in the market, with the following features:

  • Surface as well as in depth filtration, using the different disc technologies available (MG and WS), ensuring at all times the highest quality of filtered water.
  • self-cleaning with low pressure and very low water and energy consumption, using the “DLP TECHNOLOGY” proprietary system. Water production continues during the cleaning stage.
  • Very low maintenance which does not require any type of tool.
  • The 'AZUD HELIX SYSTEM' — AZUD's proprietary technology — delays clogging, thereby  optimising filter performance, lowering the frequency of cleaning as well as the intensity of maintenance work.
  • The filters are able to work under difficult operating conditions (water with a high pollutant load, saline environments, seawater, etc.) guaranteeing always excellent filtered water quality.

Q: What did the launch of this product mean for the water sector?

A: Since it was introduced in the market, the AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC line of equipment has been a game changer with regards to filtration processes, raising the bar on the quality expected by users.

Concerning the design, at AZUD we have developed several patents that improve the functioning of our AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC filtration equipment. The most relevant enhancements focus on self-cleaning, which is the critical stage of any filtration process.

In this regard, the 'AZUD HELIX SYSTEM' generates a centrifugal-helical effect that moves the larger particles away from the filtration surface, delaying clogging and reducing the frequency of cleaning. On the other hand, we also have an air assisted cleaning systems that reduces the working pressure and the water flow used for cleaning, increasing the performance of the filter and contributing to significant energy savings.

With the AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC product line clients can improve the filtration results while water and energy consumption is minimised.

In terms of installation, the AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC line of equipment is sent fully assembled and it is available with a unit to control accurately each model. They are Plug&Play systems that do not require specific technical knowledge, nor specific tools to be installed.

With this line of filtration equipment, we simplify installation and maintenance tasks for clients.

Finally, concerning quality, worth noting are the strict quality standards we apply in our entire production process in order to guarantee the technical excellence of our products.

We have quality controls in all steps of the production chain; our products and components are fully traceable and all the people that work at AZUD have assumed that quality is everyone’s responsibility.

This work philosophy is reflected in the product, and therefore, in the satisfaction of the end client. 'Our equipment does not cause problems'.

Domingo Pérez Guarinos, AZUD Area Sales Manager

Q: What are the business and development expectations for this type of product in the water sector?

A: Our AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC disc filter equipment is very adaptable, efficient, and has very high technical quality. They are manufactured with material that withstands regular working conditions: environmental conditions, different water qualities, high pressures and high pressure differentials.

The equipment is specifically designed for each application. They can be outdoors, filter seawater, filter complex waters, work at high pressures, etc.

With regards to industrial use, they are used in large desalination plants, as pretreatment before ultrafiltration membranes, in water recovery systems, in cooling tower circuits, and in many other applications specific to each sector: mining, metal-mechanical, agri-food, municipal, etc.

In the agricultural sector disc filters are widely known, more so than in the industrial sector. Thanks to the advantages of our products, including custom made equipment manufactured as per the client's specifications, materials suitable for outdoor conditions, and equipment that withstands high pressures, we continue to grow also in the agricultural sector.

As our understanding of the different applications grows, with project references in both sectors, we improve the product and the know-how we provide to the client, and with that, the growth expectations multiply.

Q: Finally, how has technology changed in the water sector? And what are the main challenges ahead?

A: Currently the main challenge we face is water scarcity. It is something essential to keep in mind when it comes to proposing solutions, plan facilities, design our equipment and even develop enhancements in the equipment: 'Our main objective is to optimise water resources'.

Secondly, there is the challenge of water quality. Water sources are more and more polluted each day, while the requirements of consumers increase: 'We start off with worse quality water, and greater water quality is required'.

Finally, I would highlight the quality and the quantity of discharges generated, as well as their management. Before each drop of water is returned to the natural environment, we have to make the most out of it, and be fully aware of what we are discharging, and the consequences.

All of these challenges make us strive constantly to refine further our products. Not only do we develop better products, or components that optimise performance: 'We develop solutions that aim to make the best possible use of this valuable resource: water'.

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