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Carl Data Solutions announces three new environmental monitoring products at 2021 AGM

  • Carl Data Solutions announces three new environmental monitoring products at 2021 AGM
  • Environmental monitoring in the spotlight: World Economic Forum urges real-time data for ESG while Biden infrastructure plan gives largest boosts to federal funding for local water infrastructure in decades.

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infinitii ai inc.
Trusted since 2014 to provide environmental monitoring to many of the largest water infrastructure utilities in the U.S. and Canada, infinitii ai inc. (formerly Carl Data Solutions Inc.) has evolved into a leader in AI-driven predictive analytics.


Carl Data Solutions, a leader in predictive analytics that leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for compliance-driven Environmental Monitoring as a Service (“EMaaS”) and Smart City applications, is announcing the pre-launch of three new environmental monitoring products at today’s virtual Annual General and Special Meeting of Shareholders.

“Our new products build upon the Company’s existing FlowWorks real-time reporting and analytics software for municipal and industrial and infrastructure. They are supplemented with intellectual property developed during Carl Data Solutions’ two-year engagement leading the Fresh Water Data Commons project for Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster,” said CEO Jean Charles Phaneuf.

“Our timing on bringing new products to market is excellent,” continued Phaneuf. “On Nov. 15th, U.S. President Biden signed his US$1.2 Trillion infrastructure bill into law that provides the water sector – where we have 70-plus customers including the cities of Boston, Seattle and Toronto – with the largest boost in federal funding for local water infrastructure it has received in decades.”

“At the United Nations Climate Change Conference that concluded on Nov. 12th, the World Economic Forum stated that integration of ongoing, real-time data is key to meeting Environmental Social and Governance commitments,” he added, “And that organizations must ensure their ESG data reflects real-time risks and regulatory developments and should update automatically. At Carl Data Solutions we are poised to help meet this urgent ESG challenge.”

Currently being Beta-tested with large enterprise infrastructure customers across North America, the new products from Carl Data Solutions will be launched commercially over the course of 2022. They are:

EMaaS: EMaaS is Carl Data Solutions’ most advanced technology platform required by Smart City and industrial applications desiring the foresight of predictive analytics to protect compliance-driven infrastructure operations.

Driven by time-series data that is essential to understanding statistical anomalies, our EMaaS solution will be deployed to monitor environmental changes that affect critical infrastructure. EMaaS fuses on-site sensor-driven data with a myriad of third-party atmospheric, seismic and geographic data streams.

Auto QA/QC: Auto QA/QC is Carl Data Solutions’ latest Machine Learning (ML) technology for automatically cleaning and performing Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) on time-series data derived from sensors.

The automation aspect of Auto QA/QC detects and prevents bad sensor data from generating results or triggering alerts. At the same time, Auto QA/QC flags legitimate data anomalies that may require further investigation by infrastructure engineers.

Auto I&I: Auto I&I is Carl Data Solutions’ newest technology for Inflow & Infiltration required by municipal water treatment plants. Auto I&I detects storm events that match defined rainfall criteria.

It also capitalizes on Auto QA/QC to prevent bad sensor data from distorting results. By automating I&I data gathering and reports, municipal water treatment engineers will quickly see which areas of their systems are most impacted by a storm event, and visualize real-time I&I metrics on a Geographic Information System (GIS) map.

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