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LoRaWAN ® Technology expands connectivity range for HYDRUS 2.0 Ultrasonic Water Meter

  • LoRaWAN ® Technology expands connectivity range for HYDRUS 2.0 Ultrasonic Water Meter

About the entity

Diehl Metering
Company specialized in smart metering systems engineering and engineering services. Provides the complete process chain from measurement to invoicing, including services and solutions enabling to tackle Non-Revenue Water or drive asset management.


Diehl Metering, leader in metrology and innovative IoT solutions, unveils the latest addition to its water meter portfolio: the ultrasonic HYDRUS 2.0 with LoRaWAN ® connectivity.

Master of metrology

The youngest smart water meter in Diehl Metering's portfolio, HYDRUS 2.0, is already recognized for its outstanding water metering performance: a broad spectrum (R800) of exceptional accuracy (market leader), exceptional resistance to limescale or sand, exclusion of air from its calculation, and its ultrasonic technology offer notable stability and durability.

Building smart cities and beyond

Anticipating the needs of loT communication networks that will enable cities to seamlessly integrate new smart city services, Diehl Metering has chosen to extend the connectivity options of its HYDRUS 2.0 meter by incorporating open-standard LoRaWAN® technology. Coupled with the IZAR Meter Data Management (MDM) software IZAR@NET2, or any other MDM software, remote meter configuration and parameterization by electronic means enables seamless network management. Historical data analysis opens a wide range of possibilities, such as leak detection - increasingly critical, especially in harsh environments where HYDRUS 2.0 is a champion.

LoRaWAN ® and multiconnectivity

Constantly expanding around the world, LoRaWAN ® technology is used in a wide variety of sensors (CO 2 detectors, parking, outdoor lighting, etc.) and offers a series of advantages, including interoperability and a well-developed eco-system.

The addition of Lora technology to the HYDRUS 2.0 range enhances flexibility and adaptability, making it an ideal choice to integrate variety of IoT applications, enabling customers to leverage the benefits of LoRaWAN®, while ensuring that their water metering needs are met effectively and efficiently.

Customizable connectivity options

The biggest advantage is having the choice and not being tied to a single technology for a use that prevents the development of other IoT applications. Customers can now choose from three Diehl Metering – Industriestraße 13 – 91522 Ansbach – Germany Corporate Communication Department: connectivity options when purchasing HYDRUS 2.0: Diehl Metering's OMS technology, mioty®, or the newly introduced LoRa ® connectivity. This flexibility allows customers to tailor their solution to their specific needs, whether they are setting up a new network or already have one installed.


HYDRUS 2.0 Domestic with LoRaWAN® connectivity is now. This anticipated product represents a further step in the evolution of IoT water metering solutions, and underlines Diehl Metering's commitment to providing cutting-edge technology to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

For more information about the HYDRUS 2.0 and its connectivity options, please visit our website: LoRaWAN technology activates intelligent resource management | Diehl Metering

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