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Blue is the New Green

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From residential to industrial construction or refurbishment, Green Building is becoming the new standard. Client demand and stricter environmental regulations are driving the future of Real Estate towards the integration of more sustainable practices.

This shift has led to an exponential growth in the green building certification market. As of 2014, approximately 80 recognized rating systems have developed spanning six continents. Whether it is LEED, BREEAM, HQE™, or any of the other widely recognized certification programs, they all share two common goals. The first is to verify just how sustainable your building is and the second, allows for a benchmark against others.

Rise of IoT and water monitoring

Proptech and the Internet of Things (IoT) are allowing for a much more comprehensive understanding of actual building performance. All the way from preliminary design stages to project completion and occupancy. IoT provides accessible data that can be integrated into existing Building Management Systems (BMS) to help building operations become more predictive, ultimately making facility management more proactive and efficient.

Unlike the energy sector, the water sector has been slow at adopting this cutting-edge technology, but times are changing. With more and more cases of regions facing extreme water shortages and drought, policy makers and builders are starting to see significant advantages of understanding water consumption and its payback of performance in buildings. In turn, green certification bodies are championing a new era of water conscious buildings. No matter which certification you are looking into, water is a central focus that must be addressed in order to truly be green.

Droople can help achieve your most ambitious water goals

Lombard Odier Group (LODH), a forward-thinking banking institution, has long relied on cutting-edge technologies to achieve sustainability objectives. They are currently in the final construction phase of a new headquarters building on Lake Geneva’s right bank, and aims to achieve three different green building certifications (SNBSm, Minergie-P and BREEAM) to showcase the high standards of their design and execution. To go above and beyond the bare minimum requirements for water management, LODH mandated Swiss cleantech Droople to digitise their water assets at every point-of-use within the building.

Proptech and the Internet of Things (IoT) are allowing for a much more comprehensive understanding of actual building performance

Droople’s IoT full-stack solution includes smart devices with a wide range of sensing capabilities (flow, temperature, pressure, hardness, pH, conductivity, etc.), retrofit capabilities (in & out, ultra-low battery-operated, leverage existing sensors) to adapt to a wide range of water assets, from the main meter to point-of-use (toilets, faucets, showers, appliances, filters, etc.). On top of the hardware layer, our water intelligence platform delivers tailored modules and analytics to optimize your building’s water and energy usage, localize leaks, and monitor water quality all in real-time.

Last year, Droople was awarded the International PropTech Innovation Label by the PropTech Switzerland Association as one of the top 20 most innovative Swiss companies in the construction and real estate industry. As of April 2022, Droople’s Water Intelligence Platform has been labeled as a Solar Impulse Foundation Efficient Solution, proven to optimize water-energy savings and CO2 emissions 23% more sustainable than mainstream alternatives.

Whether you are interested in getting started or are in the process of getting your building certified, Droople can help you check important prerequisites and requirements.

For LEED, Droople’s full-stack solution will help you meet the Water Performance prerequisite outlined in LEED v4 and obtain an innovation point for installing water sensors on water using subsystems, incorporating a leak detection system, and enabling facility managers to acquire sensor data in real-time.

No matter which certification you are looking into, water is a central focus that must be addressed in order to truly be green

For BREEAM, Droople will help you obtain the highest possible credits for areas related to asset performance, building management, and occupier management. From leak prevention to legionella management, Droople has you covered.

For HQE™, integrate Droople’s technology or API to achieve the highest possible marks for Target 5: Water by getting accurate data for water consumption at any point-of-use (PoU).

Note that requirements vary within different green certification programs depending on region and project type. Visit for more smart technology or for further inquiries.