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Ultrafiltered water in Brasilia

  • Ultrafiltered water in Brasilia

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DuPont Water Solutions
DuPont Water Solutions – Global leader in sustainable separation and purification Technology.

Caesb's Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Lago Norte, Brasilia, has become a reference in the region due to the use of advanced and innovative technologies for the production of drinking water in Brazil.

The Lago Norte WTP began operations in 2017 using DuPont's Ultrafiltration technology. This plant produces 700 litres per second in a single process, which are delivered to the population. Currently, a total of 630 UF modules are installed.

Ultramodern Technology and Ultrahealthy Water 

Ultrafiltration is a state-of-the-art technology that produces safe drinking water of high quality. It also ensures a removal of 99.99% of microorganisms that represent serious risks to consumers.

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