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"Water utilities should look to create a sustainable digital strategy to create a greener future"

  • "Water utilities should look to create sustainable digital strategy to create greener future"

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Envirosuite is a trusted partner to major water utilities across the world. We build world-leading solutions that enable our customers to make responsible operational and development decisions with localised data and insights.

The World Economic Forum projects that “at the current rate, there will be a 40% gap between global water supply and demand by 2030.” Water utilities around the world are facing significant challenges, which must be tackled head-on.

On Tuesday, the 6th of September, Jide Fadero, EVS Water Lead - EMEA at Envirosuite, will be taking part in a webinar that will delve deep into the challenges, opportunities and guidelines on how water utilities can apply digital innovation to accelerate their growth and tackle today’s challenges. In this interview, he gives us a snippet of some of the ideas that will be discussed with two other expert panelists in the live event.

Question: What does digital transformation mean for water utilities?

A: This means that water utilities can leverage the data gathered on water and wastewater treatment plants, by using artificial intelligence to automate systems and gain a deeper understanding of the operation of their plants. Through this process, they can optimise the plant’s daily operation to meet environmental and water quality standards or any other specific objectives quickly and efficiently.

Q: What strategy should water companies follow to digitize the water cycle?

A: Water utilities should look at creating a sustainable digitization strategy to create a greener future. Utilities can set goals such as reduction in leaks, process optimization, and meeting new environmental and water quality standards. Based on the goals, utilities can look at implementing digital smart solutions such as digital twins for process optimization, and smart sensors for innovative data analytics.

Water utilities must first define and align their goals and strategies with third party regulatory bodies

Q: What are the main risks of digitalization and how can water utilities deal with them?

A: There are risks that are associated with digitization that water utilities need to be aware of so that they can come up with strategies to mitigate or reduce the risks. Such risks include regulatory risks i.e., the introduction of new environmental regulations that do not align with strategy or goals, costs of new digital technologies being prohibitively expensive, data security and leakage. Water utilities can try and mitigate or remove these risks by for example keeping up to date with the relevant regulatory bodies so that their strategies and goals continue to align, conducting digital technology reviews to ensure that the most relevant and most modern and cost-effective digital technologies are implemented.  

Q: How can water utilities know which technologies are the most suitable for their needs?

A: Water utilities must first define and align their goals and strategies with third party regulatory bodies. Based on these, water utilities can select the best technologies that will help them achieve their goals and deliver their strategies.

Q: How is Envirosuite helping the digital transformation of the water sector?

A: With our water software portfolio, Envirosuite has been helping customers around the world automate their plants, optimize sewer network operations, meet environmental regulatory requirements, reduce operating costs and prolong the life of their assets. We are currently working with a customer in France, using SeweX – Envirosuite’s innovative odour and corrosion modelling software, to reduce environmental impact. SeweX helps the utility understand the quantity of H2S and methane gas being produced in its sewer network and recommend solutions to reduce and eliminate it in a cost-effective manner.

SeweX helps the utility understand the quantity of H2S and methane gas being produced in its sewer network

Q: Finally, next Tuesday 6 September Envirosuite is organizing a webinar on how water companies apply digital innovation to drive growth strategy. Why do you think this webinar is a must for Smart Water Magazine’s readers?

The webinar brings together water utility and technology provider perspectives to offer an in-depth conversation on digitalization. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of why digital transformation is important, what technologies are out there in the market, what they do and how they can apply these technologies to their business.

Join us on the 6th of September by registering here

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