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Croatia to modernise water supply with €128m investment from European Commission

  • Croatia to modernise water supply with €128m investment from European Commission

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The European Commission has approved an investment of over EUR 128 million from the Cohesion Fund to modernise water supply, waste water collection and waste water treatment infrastructures in the urban Croatian area of Split-Solin.

The project will give 4,000 people access to high-quality drinking water and will provide more than 25,000 people with adequate waste water treatment. The Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, stated that: “Water is one of our most precious resources, but not everyone has equal access to drinking water. Thanks to this investment from the EU, Croatian citizens will benefit from a more efficient use of water sources, guaranteeing better drinking water quality and cleaner waste water, which will ultimately reduce pollution in the sea and groundwater.”

In addition to the environmental benefits, the upgrading of the water infrastructure will also help to stimulate the local economy by boosting tourism, which is the region’s main economic activity. The project will bring the water infrastructures of the Split-Solin urban area in line with the EU directives on waterdrinking water and urban waste water.

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