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EU Cohesion policy: €222 million for better drinking water in Romania

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  • EU Cohesion policy: €222 million for better drinking water in Romania

The European Commission has approved a major investment of over €222 million from the Cohesion Fund to upgrade and install drinking water and wastewater infrastructures in the Ilfov County in Romania. The investment will connect more people to the sewage network, ensuring better quality and fewer sewage leaks. It will provide drinking water meeting EU quality standards to around 234,000 people.

Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira said: “This investment shows the EU’s commitment to increase the living standards of Europeans. While our priority is tackling the effects of the pandemic, we are pursuing Cohesion Policy’s mission to reduce disparities between regions so that no one is left behind.”

As a result of this project, the connection rate to the water supply system will increase from 57.1% to 99.6% in 52 communes. At the same time, the sewage network will be extended by 43.29% to cover 100% of the population in the area. The project should also contribute to reduce water loss, protect biodiversity and create 1,500 temporary jobs during the implementation phase and 72 permanent jobs during the operational phase.

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