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“Part of the backbone of our communications is to raise awareness, educate and progress”

  • “Part of the backbone of our communications is to raise awareness, educate and progress”

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Experts in digital transformation for the water industry. We provide services and Xylem Vue Powered by GoAigua’s technological solution for the water cycle management.

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Idrica provides expertise in digital transformation for the water industry. We spoke with Ana Giménez, Marketing Manager at Idrica, to learn about the current communications scenario as companies immerse themselves in the digital transformation.

Question: How do you think communication in the water sector has evolved in recent years?

Answer: In the last decade communication about water has changed from very technical to become more graspable, closer, sought and well received by audiences. It has adapted to the evolution of technology, with new channels and formats, to allow users to access more contents from multiple platforms. Furthermore, habits and interests have changed: we are more concerned at a global level about how to improve access to water information, make it more people-oriented, and understanding the implications of the digitalisation of the integrated water cycle, what Idrica is working on.

Q: Why do you think it is important to communicate about water?

Water is an essential natural resource, the most important element in our lives. We must raise awareness, educate, and progress. This is part of the backbone of our communications. We must lean on it to raise awareness about the industry and help it move forward. We’ve already seen it in other sectors which are technologically more advanced, but water will be one of the industries where the path towards the future will accelerate the most, and at Idrica we are striving to make that journey as efficient as possible.

Q: What are the main challenges your company faces when it comes to communicating about the water sector?

Idrica was born to support water companies with their digital transformation journey, and a very important part is to facilitate communications between people and processes. It is not difficult to inform, but to affect a culture change in organisations, and particularly in a mature sector. Conveying the message to water management companies that they must embrace digitalisation is crucial. Optimisation, efficiency and sustainability are still outstanding issues. This is why Idrica is positioning itself as a world leader in digitalisation.

Furthermore, in the future, good water management – and technological models and platforms such as GoAigua – will help to bring water to those who lack it, to optimise each process, and ultimately, to make the world a bit more liveable. Efficient water management is one of the great challenges we face and communications will have an important role.

Q: Could you highlight one of your organization’s communication success stories?

Idrica was born in early 2020 and this has not been an easy year. However, we have been able to consolidate Idrica’s communications globally as a water sector leader. Creating a new brand, a corporate identity and a reputation cannot be done overnight, it takes a lot of effort. In one year, we have seen our competitors follow our path, and we are in the sector’s spotlight. Consolidating our image, committing to international events like WEX Global, to worldwide communications, and a digital, current, and committed image, has been the great success of this year.

Q: Who or what organization inspires you when it comes to ways of communicating?

Several people come to mind who throughout my career have inspired me and helped me grow. I would like to mention The Paloma Project, founded by Ramón Pedrosa; with them, we have conceptualised the company’s international communications policies. In this line of work, we designed the Water Security Series by Idrica, a series of virtual events focusing on one of the main water resources problems the world faces. We held three events (for Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East) where our directors joined some of the main security experts worldwide, and we strengthened the international status of Idrica.

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