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Bruno Tisserand: “Setting the right price for water services is a key concern for us”


Bruno Tisserand: “Setting the right price for water services is a key concern for us”

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IFEMA is the Trade Fair Institution of Madrid.
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The International Conference "New Challenges and Solutions for Water in Sustainable Cities" was held on the 27th of February at IFEMA (Feria de Madrid), as part of the second edition of the Innovative Solutions for Water Management (SIGA) Fair.

Sponsored by Canal de Isabel II, Aqualia and ACCIONA Agua, the conference was attended by important entities and experts in the water industry and was conceived as a meeting space where speakers shared their experiences and knowledge of water innovation.

Bruno Tisserand, President of EurEau, gave a presentation on "The challenges of water in Europe", highlighting his conclusions on the opportunities offered by the circular economy and the need to make the principle of cost recovery of the Water Framework Directive compatible with the "affordability" of its price.

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