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SIGA, Madrid's commitment to the water cycle

  • SIGA, Madrid's commitment to the water cycle

About the entity

IFEMA is the Trade Fair Institution of Madrid.


The technology linked to integrated water cycle management is undergoing constant innovation. Current water challenges — increasingly overcrowded cities, industries that need to reduce their water footprint, isolated rural communities becoming depopulated, etc. — find answers to their increasing needs in the constant innovation by the water services industry, seeking tirelessly new solutions to ensure a future with secure, clean and sustainable water resources.

From February 26th to the 1st of March, Feria de Madrid will host two events: the SIGA trade fair and the International Water Conference, addressing the most current issues and the water challenges of the future, already faced by cities, water supply services, industries, rural communities and competent management authorities.

International Water Conference: new challenges and solutions for water and sustainable cities​

New this year, Feria de Madrid will host the first International Water Conference on February 27th, sponsored by ACCIONA, Aqualia and Canal de Isabel II, and organised by IFEMA.

The theme of the conference is 'New challenges and solutions for water and sustainable cities'. The most significant national and international entities involved in the water sector will participate: the IWA, EUREAU, the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), the World Bank, the Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition, and the Regional Government of Madrid.

Senior level representatives from these entities will present the current situation of the water sector in different regions of the world, as well as the technological challenges, always keeping in mind innovation and sustainability.

This new conference is intended for technical managers and those in charge of private companies and institutions, from Spain and abroad, embassies, water sector associations, consulting firms, financial entities, and other professionals from the water industry.

SIGA 2019, a platform for the water cycle

The second edition of the Trade Fair for Innovative Water Management Solutions (SIGA) will take place from February 26th to the 1st of March, 2019.

One of the objectives of SIGA 2019 is to showcase Spanish leading technology, services, as well as sustainability and efficiency practices. The event will give increased visibility to a sector with great potential for innovation and with a strong presence in international markets.

With this goal in mind, organisers are reinforcing outreach campaigns in the European and Ibero-American markets, and working in an ambitious programme of invited buyers to address the needs of exhibitors. Furthermore, IFEMA's wide network of delegates all over the world are intensifying their efforts to promote the event.

The trade fair will be attended by numerous leading water industry companies and major water management entities. The main associations and entities from the water sector have also renewed their support to this event. From IFEMA, we invite all actors involved in any stage of water cycle to participate in SIGA.

Once again, SIGA 2019 will be held jointly with the International Exhibition and Symposium on Water and Environmental Sensors and Software, HydroSenSoft, and concurrently with leading trade shows in their respective sectors such as CLIMATIZACIÓN & REFRIGERACIÓN (air conditioning and refrigeration), GENERA (energy) and TECNOVA PISCINAS (swimming pools).

Technical innovation seminars at SIGA: SIGA FORUM

SIGA is finalising the details of a Seminar Programme in coordination with the main water industry associations and the Water Directorate General of the Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition. The core theme will be water challenges faced by cities, with a focus on innovation.

Although some of the talks are yet to be confirmed, a preliminary programme for the SIGA Forum is shown next:

The seminars by ADECAGUA, ASERSA and AEDYR will address soft waste water treatment systems in small communities, water reuse, and innovative regulations and public perception. Focusing on the digital water revolution, ASETUB will present digitalisation and data collection through the traceability of junctions and plastic pipeline facilities. AEAS, ASAGUA and PTEA will talk about innovation in infrastructure facilities and cost recovery. The Centre for Industrial Technological Development, CDTI (Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities), will give a presentation about public funding for research, development and innovation, and AECID (the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation) about cooperation projects dealing with water. The talks of AGA and SEOPAN will address financing options for priority water infrastructure, and FLUIDEX will speak about opportunities in the global water market. Other talks by IBSTT, ICEX and AECID, are pending confirmation.

In addition, CEDINOX, the Spanish Stainless Steel Investigation and Research Association, together with the Nickel Institute, will give a presentation on 'Guidelines and behaviour of stainless steel with nickel in water treatments'.

Also, we must not forget about the presentations of innovative products and services by exhibitors that will also take place at SIGA.

Fernando Morcillo Bernaldo de Quirós, President of the  Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation (AEAS)

At AEAS we think it is extremely positive for Madrid to organise an event such as this one. Spanish water industry companies are worldwide leaders, and our management model is a example that many countries follow. Therefore, it is essential to have an event such as SIGA organised in Spain, to enable something as basic as disseminating knowledge about the latest developments in the sector. Also, it facilitates networking, in this case among the main water industry companies at the national and international level. Participating in this event is a great opportunity for our member companies.

On the other hand, a fair such as SIGA is a good opportunity for the general public to learn about the importance and significance of urban water services, and what are the needs and challenges the sector faces. One of the challenges is, in fact, the need to transmit and explain better to the general public what is involved in the management of urban water services, the high degree of technology and qualifications required, the need to update facilities and what are the costs involved, and hence, the needs. Citizens must understand the value of water in every respect, and why water services have a price.

Elena Reyna Monasterio, Director of Communications and Marketing at ACCIONA Agua

We would like SIGA and subsequent editions of the conference and fair to become the most important event for the water sector in southern Europe. We hope that every year they will present what’s new in the sector and become a meeting point to exchange views and messages. The water sector in Spain is very much alive, with great professionals that have a lot to say, and where research, development and innovation play a very important role. All of this has to take place somewhere, and it should be in Madrid.

Juan Pablo Merino. Director of Communications and CSR at Aqualia

Aqualia is enthusiastic about this second edition of SIGA, an event that seeks to become more than a fair and a conference, showing it can become a global point of reference for all sector actors. Now more than ever it is essential to join forces and boost public-private collaboration as a tool to optimise the services associated to the water cycle and ensure that people all over the world can enjoy this scarce but necessary resource.

Having access to adequate amounts of quality water is crucial for development. Spain is one of the worldwide leaders in water management, and this demands an event such as SIGA, where public authorities, specialised companies, and the water industry as a whole can address the challenges and opportunities involved in providing water supply and sanitation services globally.

Seeking efficiency in water services necessarily entails embracing new technologies. In this context, Aqualia works daily to develop smart services, and apply technology directly in a way that is beneficial for citizens at large. Without a doubt, SIGA will provide an excellent opportunity to present the latest developments in the water industry: new processes, technologies and practical solutions to face threats such as drinking water scarcity and the impact of human activity on the environment, or to fight climate change.

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