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Isle Utilities appoints new European director

  • Isle Utilities appoints new European director
    Matthew Stephenson, European Director, Isle Utilities

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Isle Utilities
Innovation consultancy specialising in the development and commercialisation of emerging technologies in the water & environmental sectors.
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Global technology and innovation consultancy Isle Utilities is growing its team and has appointed Matthew Stephenson as European director. Stephenson joined on 1 October and brings over 20 years’ experience in the water sector, most recently as director of Suez Advanced Solutions UK and previously at Bristol Water, a utility in south-west England.

He said, “I am delighted to be joining Isle at such an exciting time as we look to drive forward our technology and innovation services across Europe.

“Having worked within a water company and on the commercial side, focused on promoting technologies, I understand the challenges such different organisations have in working together. I’ll be in a strong position to help them navigate the route to successful implementation of technologies that can make a major impact on their operations.

Over the coming months I’ll be exploring new areas of opportunity, especially with industrial water users, but we’re also extending our reach beyond the water sector into energy and transport, placing Isle in an enviable position to harness cross-sector collaboration and co-ordination of innovation activities to meet today’s most pressing challenges.”

Piers Clark, chairman of Isle said, “I’m very pleased to welcome Matt into the team at Isle Utilities. He has a very strong track record in water innovation and will be able to help water companies, municipalities and other large water users unlock the exciting technologies coming to market.”