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Unlocking the secrets behind GoAigua's Digital Twin

  • Unlocking the secrets behind GoAigua's Digital Twin

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On 9th June, the Water Action Platform hosted a virtual tour of the Digital Twin developed by Idrica and installed in the city of Valencia, Spain.

The Digital Twin was deployed at the company Global Omnium, a century-old Spanish utility which manages the water supply in over 400 cities. Pilar Conejos, PhD, Head of Network Control and Regulation for Valencia and its Metropolitan Area at Global Omnium for 15 years, led the live demonstration on how the digital twin works and joined Piers Clark, Chairman of Isle, to answer questions put forward by attendees.

Following the webinar, Idrica have shared answers to all the questions asked during the event, which can be found here. In this article, Idrica share further in-depth information including sensors, simulations and why digital twins are essential for the water industry.

To view the webinar, including the tour of the Digital Twin, please visit: