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Working group workshop on Water Security

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  • Working group workshop on Water Security

Dr Blanca Antizar, Isle's Director of Consultancy, Europe, will be moderating the Working Group Workshop on Water Security.

Although difficult to define, Water Security is one of the key global challenges. This topic will be explored further at the upcoming event held in Nieuwegein, Netherlands. The workshop includes a plenary programme, allowing keynote speakers to address the importance of water security, development of assessment methods, the importance of Water Governance Framework and the opportunity to discuss policy implications.

Keynote speakers for this session include: Alexandros Makarigakis (UNESCO), Gonzalo Delacamara (IMDEA), Kees van Leeuwen (KWR Water Research Institute), Oriana Romano (OECD), Veronica Manfredi (European Commission). The workshop programme will be moderated by Jan Hofman (University of Bath and KWR), leading of the WE Working Group on 'Water Security' and Blanca Antizar (Isle Utilities), Working Group co-leader.