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iVapps - Intelligent Valve Applications
The iVAPPS smart cartridge valve revolutionises the pipeline industry through the digitization of the pipeline networks and the connection to the Industrial IOT.

Smart valve technology to digitise water networks

iVapps is using innovative technology to improve monitoring and control of water in distribution grids.

Water utilities are facing risks from increasing demand, as well as water scarcity, quality and security. This is exacerbated by issues such as aging infrastructure and climate change.

Despite this, water losses within distribution networks are high. A report from the European Commission found that, in around half of member states, more than 20 per cent of clean drinking water is lost in the distribution network before it reaches consumers’ taps, while for some member states the proportion is as high as 60 per cent. The UK is estimated to lose billions of litres of water every day from leakage. A report from the Consumer Council for Water in 2017 found that the UK lost 3.1 billion litres of water from leakage every day that year.

Research suggests that leakage is occurring in many cases due to the ‘blind’ operation of grids at local levels, leading to an unbalanced supply and increased pressure, which in turn can lead to pipe bursts and equipment failure. One way to combat these issues is through the deployment of sensors across the grid for data capture and communication, thereby forming smart networks. This provides opportunities to monitor asset health, prevent failures in aging water infrastructures and optimise systems. For example, the measurement and control of pressure can reduce pipe leakage by 20-40 per cent and reduce bursts and customer interruptions by 40 per cent.

A low carbon green disruptive smart technology developed by iVapps, based in St Asaph, is providing a technological leap forwards in the monitoring and control of digital flow networks. Established in 2015 iVapps offer the world’s first rapid exchangeable smart telemetry cartridge and valve solution which can revolutionise the pipeline industry through the digitisation of the pipeline networks and the connection to the (IIOT). This technology enables the user to measure temperature, flow, turbidity, pressure and all from within the telemetry or valve cartridge and can be fully integrated with the customer's individual sensor requirements and current data platforms. Providing a fast, friendly and flexible hardware solution to facilitate real-time monitoring and control.

Sensors allow real-time data to be captured, digitising pipelines and allowing the user to operate in ways that they previously could not. This includes being able to react quickly to adverse events in order to minimise or prevent issues such as leakage and contamination. Data also allows the user to study, model and visualise large complex systems in ways that foster innovation and superior solutions.

The current industry practice involves permanent or semi-permanent telemetry installations that require system shutdowns and possible long period of disruptions at a significant cost. The iVapps smart solution eliminates this problem by enabling the client to service, calibrate, repair and or introduce future sensor technologies and data requirements in10 minutes and without disabling or shutting down of the pipeline.

“Water is probably the world’s most precious natural resource. Without it, there would be no life, and according to an UN assessment around two-thirds of the world’s population currently do not have a sufficient supply. Research now suggests leakage from water supply and distribution networks is around 80% of total water loss, impacting on supply and resulting substantial economic loss due to the energy required to extract and supply the water”

We believe the iVapps Solution represents a fundamental step change in managing water, one of our most precious resources. Through a combination of leak technologies, network digitisation and disruptive mechanical engineering our smart technology provides a technological leap forwards in the monitoring and control of digital flow networks.”

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