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Winning the Non-Revenue Water challenge

  • Winning the Non-Revenue Water challenge
  • Kamstrup develops products to control these water losses. 

About the entity

Kamstrup provides metering solutions for water, electricity, heat and cooling, including smart grid applications, smart metering systems and meters.


Controlling Non Revenue Water (NRW) has become a global problem that affects all water supply companies. Ageing networks, urban growth and the subsequent growth in demand, make NRW a real challenge for water distribution companies.

Indeed, Kamstrup focuses its strategy on controlling NRW, constantly researching and developing solutions to help reduce these losses. One of the tools that has demonstrated being highly effective is Smart Metering; this type of solution offers appropriate information when needed. Once we know what is happening, it is a lot easier to reduce the volume of Non-Revenue Water, something that will benefit water consumers and distributors, as well as the environment.

Controlling Non Revenue Water has become a global problem that affects all water supply companies

What is Non Revenue Water?

When we talk about NRW we mean the difference between the water delivered in a network and the volume finally billed. The main consequence of this water loss is higher costs for service providers who, additionally, see how revenues are lower.

According to a World Bank study, the average global level of Non Revenue Water is between 30 and 35% , although in some networks this per cent could reach 50 to 60% or even more.

Where does Non Revenue Water arise from?

There is not a single cause of Non Revenue Water. Smart meters allow detecting and managing different types of water losses.

One of the points that cause most losses are mechanical meters. In general, these meters are not as precise as ultrasonic meters. The lack of precision leads to water consumed that never gets billed. If mechanical meters are replaced with ultrasonic meters, the unbilled consumption will be limited.

On the other hand, manual meter reading can lead to errors. It is a long and tedious process that can reduce the quality of data. With automated remote reading, incorrect readings are avoided, and because data are obtained more frequently, it is easier to uncover problems in the distribution network.

Another cause of Non Revenue Water is unmetered consumption. Thanks to smart reading, we can differentiate real losses from apparent losses which can result from unmetered consumption, such as what occurs sometimes at construction works.

Thanks to smart reading, we can differentiate real losses from apparent losses

Smart meters also allow detecting leakages. Although they are not Non Revenue Water per se, leakages entail water losses that must be avoided. Smart meters issue a warning in case of leakages or breaks in households, helping optimise customer service at the same time as we prevent excessive water loss. Smart meters are also able to detect attempts to manipulate meters, therefore avoiding water theft.

Kamstrup: leading the development of solutions to control Non Revenue Water

Aware of the problem of Non Revenue Water, both for distributors and for consumers, Kamstrup has been researching and developing products to find a solution to this problem for years.

Recently, the company has set up a website where clients can find more information about the problems caused by Non Revenue Water and the solutions that the company provides. Those that visit the Kamstrup website will learn more details about Kamstrup products, and will be able to download complementary information such as the Non Revenue Water White Paper, learn about different successful stories or check the solution that is most suitable for their needs.