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S. Conreux: "Integrated water cycle security requires a reliable solution that can be scaled"

  • S. Conreux: "Integrated water cycle security requires reliable solution that can be scaled"

About the entity

LOCKEN is a leading player in the field of electronic access control in Europe. Its original digital solution, based on an intelligent key, makes it a unique player in the market

Based on innovative technology using magnetic induction, Locken's mechatronic key can replace all keys. It can be programmed and has modifiable access rights for each user. In case of loss or theft, it can be deactivated to render it unusable. We speak with Stéphane Conreux, CTO of the Locken group, to get to know this product in more detail.

Question: Please tell us about the Locken mechatronic key and its applications in the water sector.

Answer: The mechatronic key is part of Locken's solution, designed to be in the user's pocket, but it is also a lot more. The key stores access rights for each user and thus allows opening the door. The feeling is the same as the one a user may have when opening a door with a simple mechanical key. It is the best key in the market, combining ease of use with security. Its technical characteristics enable installing a mechatronic cylinder in all doors and deploying a global access solution for all points of access. Its ability to operate even in the water sector's hostile environment is well appreciated.

Q: Please tell us about its main features and how it works.

A: Its primary feature is that it offers high performance in terms of door opening, in spite of a hostile environment. The second one is that access rights can be easily updated using its high performance communications capacity in the field (mobile applications).

The mechatronic key offers a unique global solution for the water sector

Q: In terms of integrated water cycle management, what problems can this technological solution solve?

A: The security of the integrated water cycle requires a reliable solution that can be scaled. The Locken mechatronic key is designed to be used wherever it is needed. Its ability to be updated in the field allows having active access rights during any operation.

Q: What did its launch mean for the water sector? And for the company?

A: The mechatronic key offers a unique global solution for the water sector, which is fully adaptable to multiple types of doors in the field and multiple access policies. Thanks to the scalability of the Locken solution, technicians and service providers have a single key in their pocket to access all sites. That is what Locken was created for, to simplify the way access policies are implemented in each company, without detriment to the security, the process or the performance.

The mechatronic key offers high performance in terms of door opening, in spite of a hostile environment

Q: Out of the new technologies that are driving the evolution of the water sector, which ones does the mechatronic key use and how so?

A: The water sector is requesting more fluidity. Fluidity in any solution that enables people to do their job, such as managing the integrated water cycle. That is what Locken's mechatronic key does with access. The new generation Bluetooth integrated in Locken's mechatronic key, combined with the induction technology to function without an environmental impact, are some of the new technologies we use to help people in their jobs in the short and long term.

Q: What are the business and development expectations for this type of solution in the water sector?

A: To be regarded not only as a smart and efficient solution to manage access policies, but also as a solution that provides smart data to enable clients to adapt the solution to the new challenges of the water sector, through the delivery of 'key factors' to understand it.

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