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MANN+HUMMEL announces sale of Fluid Brasil

  • MANN+HUMMEL announces sale of Fluid Brasil

About the entity

Mann + Hummel
MANN+HUMMEL is a family-owned company with decades of experience. It is the people who work for us that drive us and make us a market leader. This is how we convince customers and clients in Germany and the world.


MANN+HUMMEL has divested its interest in Fluid Brasil, selling the company back to Luis Guilherme Roche at the end of 2019. The company continues operating as Fluid Brasil, and all former MANN+HUMMEL Fluid Brasil employees have transferred to the newly recreated Fluid Brasil organization.

This decision was based on the MICRODYN-NADIR strategy to be a membrane component supplier. As an equipment manufacturer, Fluid Brasil is a better fit as a customer and distributor for MICRODYN-NADIR membranes than as part of the business. With the sale of Fluid Brasil, the companies are transitioning the relationship for mutual benefit.

Fluid Brasil remains a distributor for MICRODYN-NADIR products and, in the Brazilian market, they have exclusivity for TRISEP® products, TurboClean® elements, and MICRODYN BIO-CEL® MBR modules. While they will sell other MICRODYN-NADIR products, they have a non-exclusive right to purchase them.