Connecting Waterpeople

Alejandro Maceira Rozados

SWM Team
Founder and Director of iAgua and Smart Water Magazine.
28/10/2019 · Events · 169 1

Sonny Andalis (Jacobs): "A Tuas Water Reclamation Plant we create 'new water'"

25/10/2019 · Waterpeople · 139 1

Tom Price (BIM): "We need to put a stop to untreated water falling into the Thames"

24/10/2019 · Events · 68 1

Rohit Dembi: “The Guwahati Water Supply Project will supply water to all residents”

23/10/2019 · Digital · 103 1

Greg Herrin (Bentley Systems): “There is a part of 5G we need to make sure to be careful about”

22/10/2019 · Digital · 135 1

Frank Braunschweig (Bentley Systems): “The best way for cities to adapt is through digital twins”

21/10/2019 · Events · 29

Raanan Adin: "The increasing demand for water is Israel's greatest challenge".


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