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The process of digitization of the water sector has accelerated in recent years with the adoption of disruptive technologies that are changing the predominant business models. Today, intelligent solutions, whether in the form of software, hardware or analytics, are the main field of innovation in the industry, and concentrate an increasing percentage of investments to improve services.

22/07/2021 · Droople · 132 1
7 commandments of digital ethics
22/07/2021 · Innovyze · 35

Q&A session Innovyze webinar - July 14 2021

22/07/2021 · Innovyze · 45

"Info360 can detect patterns on any sensor you have, but it is of particular value for water usage"

20/07/2021 · Innovyze · 66

"One of the main benefits of Info360 is we bring in processed data into our hydraulic models"

15/07/2021 · Smart Water Magazine · 96

How utilities Leveraged Sensor Data to Streamline Water Distribution System Analytics

12/07/2021 · Idrica · 176 1

Live demonstration of GoAigua's Digital Twin [Water Action Platform]

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