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Waste water treatment

Waste water treatment

This area compiles contents about eliminating or reducing pollution or the undesirable characteristics of wastewater, whether municipal or industrial, before it is discharged into the environment or reused for different purposes.

What is the Scheme of Wastewater Treatment Plant?
Waste water treatment
The scheme of a wastewater treatment plant is complex and multifaceted, involving a range of technologies and processes.
How is nitrogen removed from wastewater?
Waste water treatment
Through the combination of biological processes and advanced technologies, wastewater treatment plants can efficiently manage nitrogen levels, contributing to the overall health of aquatic ecosystems and public health.
What is WWTP?
Waste water treatment
We tell you what a WWTP is and how it works.
What is wastewater?
Urban water cycle, Waste water treatment
Wastewater may be contaminated by urban waste or may come from a variety of industrial processes.
Do you know what is the most polluted river in the world?
Waste water treatment , India
The most polluted river in the world flows through India and Bangladesh and it suffers from…