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Water Treatment

Water Treatment

This section includes news about business contracts to do with water plants. Hydraulic plants constitute a set of structures built with the aim of controlling water, whatever its origin, for development or defence purposes.

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FOG in water
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Lamella clarifiers - Increase settling performance

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Lamella clarifier types - Advantages of different channel designs

What are non-conventional water resources?
Water Treatment
Non-conventional water resources: wastewater reuse and desalination. Advantages and disadvantages.
What is hard and soft water?
Water Treatment
Differences between hard and soft water.
What is ultrafiltration?
Water Treatment
Ultrafiltration (UF) is a technology applied in water treatment that consists of...
What is reverse osmosis?
Water Treatment
Reverse osmosis is used as a seawater desalination method. The way reverse osmosis works is...
What is the definition of osmosis?
Water Treatment
Osmosis is a biological process of vital importance for living beings which involves...