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The diference between sand filter and carbon filter in ETP plant

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  • The diference between sand filter and carbon filter in ETP plant

Carbon filter and sand filter are part of the ETP plant that Is effluent treatment plant.

What is an effluent treatment plant? It is a process design for treating industrial wastewater for the reuse or safe disposal to the environment. influent means untreated Industrial waste Water.

Sand filter

Sand filter is the filter that is filled with sand. The filter uses special filter sand to remove dirt particles from water. The filter sand is loaded into the filter tank and functions as a permanent dirt-removing media. When the control valve is in the filter position, the pool water which contains suspended dirt particles is pumped through your piping system and automatically directed by the control valve to the top of the filter tank as pool water is pumped through the filter, dirt particles are trapped by the sand bed and filtered out. The cleaned water is returned from the bottom of the filter tank through the control valve and back to the pool through the piping system. This entire sequence is continuous and automatic. It provides for total recirculation of pool water through you filter and piping system.

Carbon filter

 Carbon filter is also known by the name Activated Charcoal Filter that makes the activated carbon filter specially treated with oxygen to open up the pores of the carbon atoms this process increased surface area and allows it to capture certain particles from the air. These particles include odor and gases pass throughit and activate the filter, the molecules react with charcoal and stick to the surface. This removes bad smell and chemical gases indoors and chemical gases like smoke, pets paint and varnishes, mold, cooking, volatile organic compounds and more.

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