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How can digitalisation improve desalination efficiency?
Desalination, Digital , World
With water scarcity becoming a growing concern, digital technologies offer opportunities to optimize desalination processes, reduce costs, and mitigate environmental impacts.
What is Smart Water Metering?
Digital , World
Discover how smart metering technology can revolutionize the way we manage our water resources and promote sustainable water usage practices.
What are the main threats to good water status?
Water quality , World
An overview of the main threats to water quality and quantity, including pollution, over-extraction, climate change, and habitat destruction, and their potential consequences.
How to Operate and Maintain Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)?
Water quality , World
Discover the essential aspects of operating and maintaining a waste water treatment plant, including monitoring, process control, preventive maintenance, safety protocols, and staff training for efficient wastewater management.
How to plan wastewater treatment plant for city?
Water Treatment , World
Learn how to plan a waste water treatment plant for a city, considering factors such as population density, water usage, regulations, treatment technologies, and site selection for efficient wastewater treatment and environmental protection.
What Percentage of Water is Desalinated?
Desalination , World
Desalination is an important process for providing drinking water in arid regions. Learn about what percent of water is desalinated, its advantages and disadvantages, and the technologies used for desalination.
Which are the 10 Longest Rivers in the World?
Biodiversity , World
Learn about the 10 longest rivers in the world and their fascinating ecosystems. Discover the unique features of each river system and the importance of these waterways.
Which is the largest waterfall in the world?
Biodiversity , World , Cambodia, Congo, Democratic Republic of, Venezuela
An answer to which is the largest waterfall in the world, according to different criteria.
What is global climate change?
Climate change , World
Climate change will generate an average temperature increase of the planet surface and a sea level rise during the 21st century. Climate change is defined as...