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METAWATER acquires all shares of Wigen

  • METAWATER acquires all shares of Wigen
  • Second acquisition to subsidize a water treatment equipment supplier for the METAWATER Group to expand its business in North America.

About the entity

In April 2008, the METAWATER Group was established as the first comprehensive engineering enterprise in Japan engaged in the water and environmental fields.
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METAWATER has acquired 100% of the shares of Wigen, a U.S.-based water treatment equipment supplier.

Wigen specializes in membrane filtration and ion exchange technologies for municipal drinking water, industrial water, and reclaimed water treatment market in the United States.

In the United States, due to drought caused by climate change and water shortage caused by population growth, there is a growing demand, mainly in the Southwest, for the process of using treated wastewater for drinking water. Through the acquisition of Wigen as a subsidiary, METAWATER Group aims to enhance our presence in the rapidly growing potable water reuse market in the United States. And together with Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Aqua"), which became a subsidiary in January 2016, we will strengthen and expand our North American business by leveraging synergies with the resources of each company.

Ken Akikawa, Director and President, METAWATER USA said: "We are very pleased and welcome Wigen, which has a unique and different strength with Aqua, to become a part of our group. By combining METAWATER's differentiated technologies with the advantages of those both companies in North America, we will provide suitable and innovative solutions not only to the reclaimed water market, where its demand will continue to spike but also to the new problems on the water quality. METAWATER Group keeps striving on improvement of the water environment in North America."

Jeff W. Wigen, President, Wigen: "The investment by METAWATER represents an important strategic opportunity, and will provide Wigen with the resources to expedite our growth objectives. This will include a number of new products, service offerings and initiatives to build on our current platform and successes. METAWATER is the right organization to carry on Wigen's rich 55-year history, and I'm excited to remain as President & CEO for what will be an exciting journey."