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22th of March, World Water Day

  • 22th of March, World Water Day

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The highest engineering capabilities, together with a proven experience, make of the Molecor technology an excellent, robust and reliable system. With its two business lines, pipe manufacturer and technology,
Schneider Electric
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Molecor, company commited to the environment, in the World Water Day highlights the importance of preserving this natural resource, indispensable for all living beings, for the planet’s biodiversity and in countries under development in which it is considered as “blue gold”.

Molecor, through its exclusive and innovative technology and the use of a 100% recyclable material for the manufacture of pipes and fittings, Oriented PVC, reaffirms its commitment to the environment and offers the market the most sustainable products for the transport of water, products that have the lowest environmental footprint in the sector, improving the behavior of networks facing a global change of the planet. 

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