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Sacyr starts operations at the desalination plant in Sohar, Oman

  • Sacyr starts operations at the desalination plant in Sohar, Oman
  • It is the second largest in the country, with a daily production of 250,000 m3 of water.   

  • The revenue backlog for this project totals 1 billion euros over the 20 years of operation established.  

About the entity

Sacyr Agua
Sacyr Agua, a subsidiary of Sacyr manages the integral water cycle. With more than 100 treatment, purification and/or desalination plants built and designed, it is one of the leading companies in the water technology sector.
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Sacyr, through its affiliates Sacyr Sadyt and Sacyr Agua, has started operations at the seawater desalination plant in Sohar, on the Al Batinah coast (Oman). With an investment of nearly 200 million euros, the revenue backlog estimated for 20 years of operation totals 1 billion euros. 

The reverse-osmosis desalination plant is the second-largest in the country and has the capacity to produce 250,000 m3 of water per day, supplying around 220,000 people. 

The public company Oman Power and Water Procurement Company awarded the bid for the Sohar 4 IWP desalination plant to the consortium led by Sacyr Agua (51%), and in which Oman Brunei Investment Company (25%) and Sogex Oman (24%) are also participating, through the Water Purchase Agreement - WPA. The WPA includes the design, construction, ownership, financing, operation, maintenance and purchase of potable water for 20 years.  

Automation and energy savings 

The plant, designed by Sacyr Sadyt, has a high degree of automation that allows adapting potable water production to the requirements of the distributor, Public Authority of Water (PAW).  

The Sohar plant has been designed with the objective of optimizing energy consumption, as it is equipped with renowned Energy Recovery Devices (ERDs), allowing the specific consumption (the amount of energy necessary to produce 1 m3 of potable water) to be less than 3 KWh/m3.  

Seawater treatment systems 

This desalination plant has a seawater treatment plant that utilizes Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), as well as a gravity filtration system and cartridge filters. Thanks to these systems, the treated seawater reaches the membranes with an optimal quality.  

Reverse osmosis 

The plant has 11 reverse-osmosis membrane frames, which allow adjusting production to the needs for potable water. Preventive maintenance that does not involve any stoppage at the plant can be carried out simultaneously. 

Remineralization systems 

After osmosis, the potable water is remineralized automatically with dispensers of different elements, allowing the quality of the potable water to be adapted to the parameters determined by Omani regulations.  

Sacyr has designed and built over 100 reverse-osmosis desalination plants throughout the world, with a total daily production of 2.2 million m3. The water desalinated by these facilities is provided to over 14.6 million people.  

Sacyr is the eighth-largest company in the world in terms of water capacity supplied thanks to its experience and innovation.