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Lake Erken: using monitoring and modelling to aid water management

  • Lake Erken: using monitoring and modelling to aid water management
  • The EU JPI Water project PROGNOS has coupled lake water quality models to high frequency monitoring data to produce short-term water quality forecasts. This trip to a PROGNOS pilot site, Lake Erken, will show a high frequency lake monitoring system, and how data can contribute to water quality management.

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The PROGNOS project (Predicting in-lake responses to change using near real time models) has developed an integrated approach that couples high frequency (HF) lake monitoring data to dynamic water quality models to forecast short-term changes in lake water concentrations of algal biomass and dissolved organic carbon (DOC). Such forecasts can provide a greater window of opportunity over which to make water quality management decisions, and will increase the value of HF monitoring data, ensuring that their potential to guide water quality management is fully realised.

The Erken laboratory is located north of Stockholm, about a one-hour bus ride from the World Water Week event centre in Stockholm and has been at the forefront of HF lake monitoring. Researchers from the PROGNOS project have expertise in modelling algal blooms and DOC levels, as well as assessing the societal benefits from changes in water management.

The field visit will combine a boat-trip to view high-frequency monitoring equipment on the lake, an overview presentation of the forecasting methods developed by PROGNOS, and a session on cost-benefits of undertaking high-frequency monitoring and modelling for water management.

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