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Aguas de Barcelona gets restructured and appoints Rubén Ruiz Arriazu as Director General

  • Aguas Barcelona gets restructured and appoints Rubén Ruiz Arriazu as Director General
    Rubén Ruiz, new Director General of Aguas de Barcelona, during the 11th iAgua Magazine Forum. Credit: Pablo González Cebrián

The Board of Directors of Aguas de Barcelona (Aigües de Barcelona) approved on Wednesday the restructuring of its management and has appointed Rubén Ruiz Arriazu as Director General, leading an organisational structure that “ensures more parity, generational renewal, and is based on five departments,” noted the company in a press release.

With this change, Aguas de Barcelona has adapted the teams and established a new Executive Committee in order to move forward to “face the challenges of the current time, address reconstruction and foster a social pact.”

To drive this transformation, as well as to contribute to the challenges and objectives of the 2030 Aguas de Barcelona Strategic Plan, the group will continue to “further equity, improving people’s lives and contributing to a sustainable, resilient and prosperous urban ecosystem.”

The new organisational model is based on a social pact, the commitment to citizens, operational excellence, and transformation, digitalisation and innovation, seeking to “lead in the integrated water cycle thanks to differentiation and digitalisation”.


Rubén Ruiz Arriazu will lead the organisational structure which will comprise five departments, whose directors will make up the Executive Committee of Aguas de Barcelona.

David Marco Comajuan will be the Director of Transformation and Business Control, which integrates the Directorates of General Services, Innovation and Knowledge, Procurement, People and Organisation and Information Systems.

The Director of Communications and Clients will be Carmen Piñán Vinagre, bringing together the Directorates of Clients and Communications and Marketing, and the Director of Institutional Relations, Social Action and Sustainability will be María Salamero Sansalvado.

The Director of Operations will be Xavier Iraegui Navarro, overseeing the Directorates of Operations, Technical and Territorial Matters, and finally Ana Maresca Lasa will be Director of Governance and Regulations.

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