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Aramco cancels Jafurah desalination plant tender

  • Aramco cancels Jafurah desalination plant tender
    Photo: Saudi Aramco


Saudi Arabia’s Aramco, a leading producer of energy and chemicals, cancelled the tender for the planned 100,000 cubic meter per day desalination plant in the country’s Jafurah gas field, Energy & Utilities reports.

Aramco announced the cancellation of the tender shortly after cutting the tender for the planned Jafurah cogeneration independent steam and power plant (ISPP), which was to have a power capacity of 270MW-320MW and a low-pressure (LP) steam demand of 77-166 thousand pounds an hour (klb/hr) and high-pressure (HP) steam demand of 29-126 klb/hour by 2023.

The desalination facility and the cogeneration ISPP had been designed to help Aramco’s development of the Jafurah gas field.

Believed to be the largest unconventional gas field in Saudi Arabia, Jafurah is part of the company’s $3.2 billion unconventional resources programme, which aims to develop shale gas in three areas of the kingdom.

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