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Besix, Shurooq begin construction on Sharjah water reuse plant

  • Besix, Shurooq begin construction on Sharjah water reuse plant
  • Besix and Shurooq joint venture starts construction on the Sharjah project which intends to cut the demand for desalinated water.  

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Belgium-based Besix Group and Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) have begun work on a waste-to-water plant in Al Saja’s area in Sharjah (United Arab Emirates), reports Construction Week Online.

The plant is to be completed in 2020 and will produce 5,000m3 of water per day mainly for industrial purposes from Al Saja’s Sewarage Treatment Plant’s treated effluent.

As well as industrial usage, the water will also have domestic uses like landscaping. This water is a sustainable alternative to desalinated water, using four times less energy consumption in the production process.

Sustainable water use was one of the core objectives of the Private-Public-Partnership (PPP) Shurooq and Besix signed last July.

Shurooq’s Executive Chairman, HE Marwan Al Sarkal, stated: “This initiative underlines our priority to build a sustainable future, while focusing on economic and human development and taking into account our eco-footprint through our partnership with Besix Group.”

Al Sarkal added: “Effluent treatment and improving treatment processes are part of Sharjah’s strategic development, which highlights its position and aspiration to provide a research and development platform for a number of resources, products, technologies and solutions that help better the daily lives of residents, nationals and companies in Sharjah. This is in line with the UAE’s vision to build a sustainable future and use resources more optimally.”

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