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The capital of Mozambique to close off water supply on alternate days

  • The capital of Mozambique to close off water supply on alternate days
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The water level at Pequenos Libombos dam fell to 19.8 per cent on Friday due to scarce precipitations this rainy season, which started last November and which ends in March.

Pequenos Libombos is the main water source of Maputo, capital of Mozambique and the neighbouring city of Matola.

Although the water levels are better than that recorded last January at 13 per cent, João Machatine, Public Works, Housing and Water Resources Minister said that restrictions on water supply would continue by providing water to the two cities alternately, O Pais, the Mozambique-based newspaper, reported.

The poor water supply is currently affecting 14,577 residents.

Mozambican authorities have said that they are looking into alternative sources of water, one of which is to build a treatment station in Maputo province, departing from Moamba to Machava, with a capacity of 60 cubic meters per day.

The country also intends to sink boreholes with a capacity of 30,000 cubic meters by this coming July.

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