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Israel to build largest desalination plant in the country

  • Israel to build largest desalination plant in the country
    Desalination plant. Credit: Wikipedia

In mid-December, the Israeli government approved the plans to build another desalination plant in the country, which will be built in the Western Galilee, to tackle the growing water crisis.

The new plant will be the sixth desalination facility in Israel and it is to be built in the Western Galilee, a small region in Israel's north western corner, to help the area fight a prolonged drought. The area is also suffering due to the limited access it has to desalinated water from other facilities along the country’s Mediterranean coastline because of topographical issues.

Once the new plant is finalized, it will be the largest in Israel and one of the largest in the world to use reverse osmosis technology, reports Israel Hayom. The new plant is to be constructed in two stages, with 100 million cubic meters of water being produced during each phase.

The European Investment Bank is to provide 150 million euros for the project.

The tenders for the plant’s design and construction were issued by Israel’s Finance Ministry earlier this year. And some of the companies to send in their bids were IDE Technology, Hutchinson Water, and an Acciona, Allied Investments and Afcon partnership.

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