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New York will set limits for industrial chemicals in water

  • New York will set limits for industrial chemicals in water
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The New York State Department of Health will set the United States’ lowest allowable level for industrial chemicals that have caused contamination of the drinking water in some communities, reports AP.

Earlier this week, Health Commissioner Howard Zucker agreed with the New York State Drinking Water Quality Council’s suggestions for limits of 10 parts per trillion for PFOA and PFOS in drinking water, which differ from the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidance level, of 70 parts per trillion.

PFOA was used in non-stick coatings and PFOS was used in fire-fighting foam.

According to the EPA, “PFOA and PFOS are extremely persistent in the environment and resistant to typical environmental degradation processes. [They] are widely distributed across the higher trophic levels and are found in soil, air and groundwater at sites across the United States.”

Public water systems will have to test for the chemicals when the regulations are finalized.

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