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Peru receives five bids for wastewater concession

  • Peru receives five bids for wastewater concession
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ProInversión, the Private Investment Promotion Agency of Peru, has announced five pre-qualified bidders for the concession of the project ‘Wastewater Treatment System of Lake Titicaca Basin,’ (PTAR Titicaca) which will benefit over 1.2 million citizens from ten localities, including Moho, Huancané, Ayaviri, Lampa, Juliaca, Puno and Yunguyo, all of which are situated around Lake Titicaca, in the region of Puno.

The five bidders who presented their proposals are:

  • Aguas de Puno consortium (Spain)
  • Collas consortium (France)
  • FCC Aqualia (Spain)
  • Sociedad Anónima de Obras y Servicios, COPASA, Peru Branch (Spain)
  • Fypasa Construcciones S.A. de C.V. and Operadora de Ecosistemas S.A. de C.V. consortium (Mexico)

This coming week, ProInversión will evaluate the technical proposals of all bidders and the winner of the 30-year PTAR Titicaca contract will be announced on April 29.    

About the project

The objective of PTAR Titicaca project is to design a solution for the treatment and final disposal of municipal wastewater in the Lake Titicaca basin. The private company or consortium that wins the tender will be responsible for designing, financing, building, operating and maintaining the treatment plants of Puno, Juliaca, Llave, Ayaviri, Juli and Moho, as well as running and maintaining the treatment plants of Azángaro, Yunguyo, Huancané and Lampa.

This project will reduce diseases which are currently caused by wastewater that is not receiving adequate treatment. It will also reduce pollution in the Lake Titicaca and increase economic activities in the area, such as tourism.

PTAR Titicaca is the first decentralized PPP in the sanitation sector promoted by ProInversión.

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