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Saudi Arabia invests $826 million in water projects

  • Saudi Arabia invests $826 million in water projects
  • One of the water projects is to build a pipeline to carry desalinated water to Mecca and across other areas.

Last week, Saudi Arabia announced it had launched several water projects in Mecca and other sites worth over $826.6 million, reports Arabian Business.  

One of the most relevant proposals is to set up a pipeline to carry desalinated water from the desalination plant in Al-Shuaibah to Mecca and other locations, with an approximate cost of $233 million. Additionally, the country will launch the second phase of the Al-Shuaibah Desalination Plant with a capacity of 250,000 cubic meters per day, costing over $313 million.

Saudi Arabia is also planning to invest over $160 million in strategic reservoirs, water networks, sanitary drainage networks, connecting homes to running water in numerous districts of Makkah and other nearby sites.

This strategy is an attempt by the Saudi authorities to reach a sustainable water sector according to Arabian Business, as to conserve the country’s water resources, safeguard the environment and supply high quality and efficient services to contribute to the socio-economic development.

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