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Sorea transfers its full water cycle services to Agbar in Catalonia, Spain

  • Sorea transfers its full water cycle services to Agbar in Catalonia, Spain
    Emili Giralt, new Managing Director of Agbar.
  • Under the same conditions, Agbar will now manage the contracts of more than one million customers.
  • Emili Giralt becomes Agbar’s new Managing Director.

Sorea, the Agbar group company responsible for managing all services concerning the full water cycle in 250 municipalities of Catalonia, on the northeastern corner of Spain, transferred its water cycle management activity to Agbar, a subsidiary of the Suez Group Spain, on January 1st, 2021.

Agbar had announced its intention to evolve towards a single brand of full-service water management services in Catalonia. This strategic move will allow the company to establish greater synergies, integrating the resources, knowledge and means to achieve excellence in this pursuit and thus consolidate an organizational structure exclusively dedicated to the provision of full-service water management services.

Agbar will now manage the service for almost one million customers, providing coverage to the 250 Catalan municipalities that Sorea previously managed. However, this transfer does not imply a change in the provision of water services for households, companies and administrations where Sorea operated.

The corporate organisational chart also remains almost intact under Angel Simón, Executive President of Agbar and with Albert Martínez Lacambra as the firm’s CEO. Notwithstanding, Emili Giralt, former CEO of Sorea, is integrated into this new corporate structure as Managing Director.

Giralt said regarding this strategic movement: “In 2020, we have faced unthinkable challenges as a society that have had an impact on all areas of social and economic life. This situation has opened a window of opportunity for us to better structure our activity in Catalonia and thus provide a better service to its citizens.”

The new Managing Director also stated: “Sorea’s integration into the group will lead to an improvement in the service and will allow us to have a greater capacity to face present and future challenges." He also highlighted Agbar's position as a benchmark in quality and excellence in the field of full water cycle services, as it "provides more than 150 years of experience in the management of water resources.”

Lastly, Giralt explained that the concessionaire's commitment is to continue to contribute to the company’s sustainable development, including a commitment to innovation and keeping in mind the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030. "We will continue to work with the same commitment to people and the environment, to guarantee an essential service such as water.”

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