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Spain bans water shutoffs during the coronavirus pandemic

  • Spain bans water shutoffs during the coronavirus pandemic
    Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain. (Image: Flickr European Parliament)
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The Spanish government bans electricity, gas and water shutoffs to all households during the coronavirus health crisis.

The package of complementary measures to address the coronavirus pandemic was approved on Tuesday 31 March. While Spain’s state of alarm is in force, the supply of electricity, natural gas, oil derivatives, and water are considered a basic good and should be supplied to all consumers “in their homes.”

At a press conference, the Second Deputy Prime Minister of Spain, officially Second Vice President of the Government of Spain and Minister of Social Rights, Pablo Iglesias, said that suppliers "cannot suspend these services to any citizen."

Two weeks ago, the government had already prohibited the cutting off of these essential supplies to those considered vulnerable and at-risk citizens during the health crisis. With this measure, all citizens will benefit from the ban on shutoffs.

Spain’s state of alarm which has the entire country in lock down since March 14 has limited the movement of citizens. Families as well as most professionals are at home. Most work is being carried out from their homes via teleworking; therefore, the government has said energy and water supplies have become even more essential.

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