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Detailed engineering makes a difference in the water sector

TecnoConverting: ingeniería de diferenciación para el sector del agua

TecnoConverting Engineering was born in 2005 as a company specialised in building equipment for water treatment, in order to provide solutions to different issues faced by the sector. The commitment to technology, and the initiative to create their own R&D department, put them on a path of continuous growth, and they have specialised in settling processes and lamellar modules.

Their philosophy – working every day to provide the best service and solutions to its clients – has led them to become the only Spanish company specialised in lamella clarifiers, a leader in an industry where adapting to new needs is the key to standing out. TecnoConverting has its own staff to implement the entire installation, thus ensuring the utmost quality and the possibility to adapt the best solutions according to the clients' needs.

TecnoConverting is the company with most expertise in lamella clarifiers, well known internationally for its technology for the water sector

The company's strategy is based on constant innovation, something which has allowed TecnoConverting to position itself as the company with most expertise in lamella clarifiers, well known internationally for its technology for the water sector; they provide advisory services to engineering and construction firms as well as public authorities all over the world. As such, from its facilities in Sant Fruitós de Bages (Barcelona) with more than 2,400 m2, TecnoConverting does the engineering work, custom design, construction and assembly of the best technical solution for settling processes.

TecnoConverting's engineering as an added value

TecnoConverting Engineering is one of the largest engineering firms in Spain and one of the few in the world to specialise in lamella clarifiers. Besides developing projects for new water treatment, reuse and purification facilities, they also work on the expansion and upgrade of water treatment facilities, including implementing the best technologies to improve efficiency.

TecnoConverting Engineering has 3,500 m² dedicated to equipment engineering and manufacture

The company receives a high number of enquiries which the team studies carefully; customer service is like no other. This way, the company is involved in engineering work focused on the design and improvement of water treatment processes and facilities. Once they receive a client's request, a commercial department made up of engineers studies its viability, and they assess whether the information provided is enough to prepare a proposal for the client.

Once the proposal has been approved, the engineering department undertakes a new study which includes structural calculations and CFD simulations (Computational Fluid Dynamics), an area they pioneer in, to ensure the highest efficiency of processes. Sometimes they need to do new measurements and verifications on site; the TecnoConverting team then travels even outside of Spain to offer the best service to clients.

Once everything has been verified, the next step is manufacturing the equipment, something the company does in-house. TecnoConverting Engineering has 3,500 m² dedicated to equipment engineering and manufacture, including:

  • In-house sheet metal workshop where they manufacture Manowar and Tecno-Classic scrapers, Thomson collection troughs, skimmers, etc.
  • The world's most advanced lamella assembly line, resulting in high quality modules and a shorter production time.
  • Plasma cutting to manufacture the different prototypes in constant development.
  • In-house machining workshop with the most advanced technology, such as numerical control centres to achieve higher precision when producing pieces.

Moreover, TecnoConverting Engineering is the only company in Spain who does not outsource the assembly/installation to other companies. This streamlines project implementation. Assembly is always done by their own specialised technicians; they thus ensure the equipment is properly installed and guarantee the highest quality to all clients. Thanks to their "Easy Install" system, on-site assembly is made simple without affecting the quality of the final product; the work can be done by the project's own staff, thereby lowering the installation costs.

  • In small-size projects, with the Easy Install system by TecnoConverting there is no need for specialised technicians to do the assembly, so the client can choose its own project team.
  • In the case of medium-size, slightly more complex projects, TecnoConverting sends a supervisor to guide the client's own staff through the system installation.
  • If the client does not have the capacity or resources to set up the equipment, a team of TecnoConverting technicians goes on site to carry out the installation.

One of the advantages of TecnoConverting is that, since it has its own sheet metal workshop, manufactures the equipment and has its own assembly technicians, they are well aware of things may arise at the project site, such as for example an incorrect measurement, the shape of the clarifiers or different issues during assembly which are not seen on the plans.

This way, involving the different departments (sales, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, and finance) that make up TecnoConverting, the company has become one of the largest engineering firms in Spain. It stands out as unique among the few firms worldwide specialising in lamella clarifiers, with clients choosing them when they seek the most reliable solution for their facilities.

Declaración Lidia Piqué (TecnoConverting)

TecnoConverting's engineering goes beyond borders

Spain is a major global player when it comes to water treatment. The best engineering companies come from Spain, and even though the country is sometimes seen with a certain lack of technical knowledge, Spanish companies are high performers. TecnoConverting is, without a doubt, a living proof of that.

The company's headquarters is in Barcelona (Spain), and the engineering firm exports its products and services to more than 30 countries, with offices of their own in Portugal and France and branch offices in Romania and India. In fact, their presence in the international market has been increasing every year, and in 2018, 70% of their turnover came from exports.

Furthermore, the company exhibits their work in the most important trade fairs for the sectorSIGA in Madrid, Water Management Exhibition​ in the Czech Republic, Wetfec in the United States, Pollutec Lyon in France and Aquatech in China.

They have carried out projects in several Latin American countries, such as their role in  improving water supply and sanitation services in Dominican Republic, supporting the industrial sector in Mexico   and improving infrastructure in the Chilean region of Valparaíso. With all these projects, the company has become a key partner for the development of the water sector Latin America.

A building block for the development of the water sector Latin America

TecnoConverting is becoming firmly established in Latin America thanks to its successful projects in Chile, Venezuela and Mexico. And that is just the beginning.

Differentiating features

Building on the design of their own technology, the engineering team at TecnoConverting has developed, through time, comprehensive process units integrating other equipment and technologies in the market. Thus, the company's catalogue offers a wide range of solutions adapted to the most frequent and significant water treatment problems.

Lamellar modules: modules for water treatment settling processes

TecnoConverting's lamellar modules are specifically designed to provide the highest efficiency in settling processes, and as such they are one of the systems that increases the most the design surface. Moreover, based on the calculation of dimensions done by their team, the company custom-builds, using the most appropriate material, the best lamellar modules for each settling process. They are suitable for wastewater treatment, water purification and storm water tanks.

Declaración David Barquet (TecnoConverting)

Manowar scraper: a scraper for water treatment processes

The Manowar scraper is an innovative system when compared to a circular scraper bridge. While keeping the same way of working, it corrects all the flaws of earlier models. Based on a traction system anchored on the side of the settling tank, the client does no longer see the rotating bridge, but two blades whose level self-adjusts based on the water level.

Depending on the project needs, TecnoConverting also has the Tecno Classic circular scraper (for settling tanks and sludge thickeners) and rectangular scrapers (water and wastewater technology made out of plastic).

Thomson collection troughs

TecnoConverting designs and builds Thomson collection troughs in GFRP, PVC or polypropylene, for every type of facility. The company does the engineering calculations to ensure the best performance of the troughs, estimating the openings of the serrated margins and the optimal height.

Tube skimmers: to remove floating scum

Based on the treatment flow rate at the plant, TecnoConverting calculates and designs the best tube skimmers to remove floating scum, thus ensuring the settling tank is clean at all times.