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Lidia Piqué: "TecnoConverting has always invested in innovation"

  • Lidia Piqué: "TecnoConverting has always invested in innovation"
    Lidia Piqué, Director General of the TecnoConverting Engineering group.

About the entity

We are specialists in decanting and lamellae, we carry out engineering, custom design, construction and assembly of the best technical solution for our customers.


The second edition of the Trade Fair for Innovative Water Management Solutions will take place from February 26th to the 1st of March, 2019 at the premises of Feria de Madrid (IFEMA). This event will focus on internationalisation and helping companies access international markets. To do this, it will count on the participation of the most significant entities and the top innovation experts from the water sector. We hear from Lidia Piqué, Director General of the TecnoConverting Engineering group.

Question - How will TecnoConverting participate in this must-attend event, SIGA?

Answer: In this new SIGA event, our group, TecnoConverting/Barmatec will be present with the different products we develop and specialise in: lamella systems, scrapers such as the Tecno-classic (central shaft), Manowar (no bridge) and scrapers for rectangular settling tanks, Thomson collection troughs, fiberglass-reinforced polyester covers, and aeration systems such as diffusers, the innovating Thruster system with removable grids and side channel blowers.

Q - What is TecnoConverting's position in the water market?

A - TecnoConverting/Barmatec is a leading engineering group specialised in settling processes and aeration.

To offer the best solutions to our clients, we do individual engineering studies and estimates for each project. We manufacture our own products and have our own technician/assembling staff; this way we ensure the quality of the equipment and the correct functioning of the different facilities we design.

Our specialised products and services have allowed us to consolidate our position as business leaders in the water sector in several countries. To offer a closer service to our clients, we have our own offices in Portugal and France.

TecnoConverting/Barmatec is a leading engineering group specialised in settling processes and aeration

Q - Innovation in the water sector is already a reality. What innovative solutions does TecnoConverting offer to optimise integrated water cycle management?

A - TecnoConverting has always invested in innovation, and the equipment we have developed has received several awards. For instance, the Manowar scraper without a bridge is ideal for settling tanks that must be covered or that have lamella clarifiers which do not allow the use of conventional scrapers.

We were pioneers in the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses to ensure the lamella clarifiers we design are working well, including analyses of suspended solids to determine preferential channels and attain the highest performance in each lamellar system.

We were also the first to produce structural estimates for the entire lamella supporting structure, which currently are required by most public authorities in Spain and in other countries.

Q - TecnoConverting has a strong international presence. What are the innovation challenges ahead for this sector, both in Spain and abroad?

A - Our sector is constantly innovating; new or improved products emerge that increase efficiencies, control, or even reduce costs in the water sector.

I also think that one of the most important challenges for our society is to be more knowledgeable about waste water treatment, drinking water treatment, or even desalination, and to realise the importance of caring for and preserving water, an increasingly scarce resource.

If citizens cannot tell the difference between a waste water treatment plant and a drinking water treatment plant, it will be difficult for them to understand the importance of investing in maintaining and upgrading the facilities.

Q - What does TecnoConverting expect from participating in this second Trade Fair for Innovative Water Management Solutions?

A - TecnoConverting Engineering already participated in the first SIGA event and our experience was very positive. Participating once again in SIGA allows us to meet our clients again, and present the different products we have developed to offer new solutions.

Surely it will be a very interesting event, and we encourage you to visit our stand, where we will be pleased to see to your needs.

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