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TecnoConverting in charge of settling processes in a drinking water treatment plant in Panama

  • TecnoConverting in charge of settling processes in drinking water treatment plant in Panama

About the entity

We are specialists in decanting and lamellae, we carry out engineering, custom design, construction and assembly of the best technical solution for our customers.

TecnoConverting Engineering has built the lamella clarifiers and the walls for the flocculation tanks in one of the main drinking water treatment plants in Panama. The project involved detailed engineering, taking into consideration the supporting structure and anti-flotation system made of stainless steel, the Thomson collection troughs and the partition walls in flocculation tanks, made of food-grade HDPE with stainless steel reinforcement.

The lamellar modules supplied were the TecnoTec H60 model, made of high-density polypropylene. Panama's national water and sanitation authority, IDAAN, is quite strict, and does not allow using lamellar modules which are not certified for use with potable water.

TecnoConverting Engineering is the only European company with NSF-61 certification for its lamellar modules.

The entire installation was done using the EASY-INSTALL system, which enables inexperienced staff to assemble the lamellar modules; this means a shorter project implementation time and a significant reduction in the costs borne by the client.