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Thames Water partner with police to help those in need


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Thames Water
Every day, we serve 15 million customers across London and the Thames Valley.
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  • Thames Water partner with police to help those in need
    Photograph: Thames Water

The UK’s largest water company has partnered with Thames Valley Police as part of a major drive to help individuals and families who need an extra bit of support.

Officers who deal with people in a variety of vulnerable circumstances will now promote the benefits of Thames Water’s priority services register – a list of people who need extra services such as personalised communication or bottled water delivered to their home during a supply interruption.

Thames Water is working with police and community officers so those who could benefit from the service can easily be identified and offered help with registering for the free service.

Within its 2020-25 business plan, the company has committed to getting 410,000 customers on the register, a more than five-fold increase on current levels, to ensure all its customers are getting exactly what they need when they need it most.

Chief Superintendent Shaun Virtue said: “We’re really pleased with how this has gone so far and it is having a real impact.

“Many people might not be aware of the register so for our officers to be able to offer that extra bit of support could make all the difference when it really matters.”

As well as providing awareness sessions, registration leaflets have been provided to the force to explain how easy it is to sign up to the register.

Thames Water’s Tania Christie said: “Thames Valley Police is uniquely placed to tell people who need that bit of extra support about our priority services register.

 “It can bring peace of mind, not only to those who are on the register but also to their friends and family.”

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