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Sanitaire launches Digital Pressure Monitor for ‘smart’ diffuser operation

  • Sanitaire launches Digital Pressure Monitor for ‘smart’ diffuser operation
    Xylem Sanitaire Digital Pressure Monitor DPM
  • Data-driven aeration enables energy-efficient treatment and informed asset management.

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Xylem Inc.
Xylem is a leading global water technology provider, enabling customers to transport, treat, test and efficiently use water in a variety of settings.

Xylem, the leader in biological wastewater treatment technologies, is introducing its new Sanitaire Digital Pressure Monitor (DPM) to transform wastewater diffusers into smart diffusers. The Sanitaire DPM maximizes diffuser operation and increases energy savings through strategic fine-bubble aeration system monitoring and intelligence. The solution offers users an enhanced digital interface that provides diffuser health data, engineering and economic calculations, and asset management recommendations.

Aeration at a wastewater treatment plant is typically the largest single line item in a wastewater plant’s operations budget. In today’s economy, many utilities are seeking ways to reduce operating costs while maintaining treatment compliance. Sanitaire’s new DPM empowers utilities with a digital solution that intelligently monitors and manages their aeration systems.

“Energy cost savings and extended system lifecycle continue to be paramount for water utilities to find both operational and financial efficiencies,” said Adam McNeill, director of sales – treatment. “The launch of the DPM reflects our commitment to evolving our water and wastewater treatment portfolio. It goes beyond improved technology to include product intelligence that delivers more value to the user.”

The Sanitaire DPM monitors pressure in the aeration system and provides asset recommendations via a user-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI). The continuous measurement of aeration pressure empowers the plant manager to make data-driven decisions to clean or replace the diffusers, enabling utilities to achieve the most cost-effective solution. Sanitaire’s DPM also enables utilities to extend the useful life of system blowers by optimizing diffuser performance.

The Sanitaire DPM has the versatility to track pressure readings from multiple grids with a single controller and HMI to enable real-time decisions. The system alerts users when their aeration system requires maintenance; then automatically calculates the operational savings for diffuser maintenance, or payback period for diffuser replacement. Much more than a monitoring system, Sanitaire’s DPM provides valuable engineering and economic insight at the operator’s fingertips.

Based on the Sanitaire DPM’s recommendations, Xylem provides complete cleaning services for a holistic solution. Periodic and strategic diffuser cleaning increases oxygen transfer efficiency and reduces operating costs. When diffuser replacement is deemed economical, Xylem offers a full portfolio of industry-leading, energy-efficient Sanitaire diffusers.

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