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What is stormwater?

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What is stormwater?

Some of the noteworthy benefits of sustainable stormwater management are protection from floods, improvement of rivers' environmental status and a reduction in energy consumption and urban water management needs.

1 . Stormwater

Stormwater is water that originates from rain. In urban areas, stormwater is rainwater that does not soak into the soil and runs off buildings, streets, parking lots, and other surfaces. It flows into storm drains and the stormwater drainage system in each city.

2 . Urban stormwater management

Sustainable stormwater management intends to reduce the amount of impervious surfaces, collect and make use of stormwater tanks, and minimize the impacts on local hydrology. To do that, stormwater management practices known as sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) may be implemented.

SUDS are urban stormwater management techniques that mimic natural water processes within urban developments, such as infiltration, filtration, run off, storage and evapotranspiration. The purpose of these practices is: (1) collect part of the stormwater so it can infiltrate into the terrain, or (2) delay its discharge into the sanitation network to prevent overloading it.

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