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Urban water cycle

Urban water cycle

With 70 percent of the world's population to live in cities by 2050, the urban water cycle is an increasingly important topic. Urban water cycle includes water treatment, distribution through an underground system of pipes, which is then used by households, industries and businesses. The wastewater is then collected by sewers and treated. 

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What is the meaning of water cycle?
Urban water cycle
The water cycle involves processes that move water from one compartment of the hydrosphere to another.
What is water stress?
Urban water cycle
Definition and impacts of water stress. Levels of water stress.
What is stream?
Urban water cycle
Definition, meaning and characteristics of a stream.
What is surface water?
Urban water cycle
Definition and types of surface water.
What are the different types of water?
Urban water cycle
Definition of the main types of water according to their chemical, physical or biological characteristics.
What is river mouth?
Urban water cycle
Concept and types of river mouths.
What is grey water?
Urban water cycle
They owe their name to their cloudy appearance and their status as being between fresh and drinking water and sewage.
What is stormwater?
Urban water cycle
Stormwater plays an important role in urban areas. Stormwater is the water that is used to...
What is wastewater?
Urban water cycle, Waste water treatment
Wastewater may be contaminated by urban waste or may come from a variety of industrial processes.
What is evaporation in the water cycle?
Urban water cycle
Evaporation is a physical process in the water cycle that involves...
What is water?
Urban water cycle
Water is the most abundant substance in the planet and the only one that can in found in the atmosphere in liquid, solid and gaseous state. Water can be characterised as...
What is the meaning of hydrosphere?
Urban water cycle
Even though the amount of water in the hydrosphere is constant, it is unevenly distributed in the planet. The hydrosphere can be defined as...
How can we save water?
Urban water cycle
A series of recommendations and measures to save water.