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What is access to water like in different regions of the world?

  • What is access to water like in different regions of the world?

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The relationship between available world water resources and world population is unevenly distributed across different regions of the world.
In the last decade there have been improvements in the use of water resources, but there are still about 800 million people who do not have access to clean water and about 4 billion people who live under water scarcity at least one month a year.
Several regions are also depleting their freshwater resources at a very fast rate and some countries experience extremely high levels of water stress.

This infographic, based on the report "Solutions for a Global Water Crisis" by Citi GPS, also details the proportion of global water resources and population in each region. Asia is the continent with the highest proportion of population (60%) and with the highest proportion of world water (33%), although much lower.

North America, on the other hand, which currently concentrates 5% of the world's population, has 29% of the world's available water resources.