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Webinar: How the City of Scottsdale Leveraged Sensor Data to Streamline Water Distribution System Analytics with Innovyze's New Cloud Platform

How utilities Leveraged Sensor Data to Streamline Water Distribution System Analytics


As water utilities and companies continue to pursue a digital transformation of their distribution and collection systems, new technologies can help address operational inefficiencies within the distribution network and planning, engineering, operations, and the public. SCADA data is an integral part of the digital transformation from a reactive, static approach to a proactive, dynamic solution for most U.S. utilities.

However, raw sensor data that has not been analyzed or processed provides limited value to a utility’s approach. With analysis and further processing of SCADA data, a utility can fully realize the value of their data. This approach allows utilities to make more informed operational decisions, reduce labor costs, and reduce time to extract insights from the data and turn them into valuable actions.

In this webinar, we will show you how your utility can transform its hydraulic model planning into a real-time, operational solution. We will also share a case study focused on a city’s use of Info360 Insight and InfoWater Pro as an enterprise platform to increase efficiencies in managing their water distribution network.

With Info360 Insight, cities can consolidate live data feeds into one smart, secure platform that allows operators, engineers, and management to make educated, real-time decisions on their water network(s) for the highest level of service.

Innovyze and Smart Water Magazine are organized this webinar to let you know how utilities leverage sensor data to streamline the analysis of the water distribution system thanks to Innovyze's new cloud platform. Register now free of charge!

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Wednesday, 14 July, 2021


16:00 – 16:05
Welcome and introduction

Cristina Novo, Technical Editor at Smart Water Magazine.

16:05 – 16:20
Innovyze software solutions

John Crochet, Regional Sales Manager.

16:20 – 16:50
Case study focused on a specific city

Nathan Gerdts, Project Manager.

Q&A session
15/07/2021 · Digital

How utilities Leveraged Sensor Data to Streamline Water Distribution System Analytics

22/07/2021 · Digital

Q&A session Innovyze webinar - July 14 2021

22/07/2021 · Digital

"Info360 can detect patterns on any sensor you have, but it is of particular value for water usage"

20/07/2021 · Digital

"One of the main benefits of Info360 is we bring in processed data into our hydraulic models"