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Deméter APP

The APP that can manage your crop with just one click!

Deméter APP

The new Deméter APP has been developed to complement Hidroconta's Deméter System. The System comprises physical equipment installed on the ground and a web platform to enable integrated management of the water network. We now incorporate an APP to streamline the management of irrigation programs and any queries about water consumption or the different sensors you may have installed to control for example, temperature, chlorine, moisture probes, etc.

With a completely new and user-friendly interface, Hidroconta's Deméter APP will enable you to easily create irrigation programs. You can set when you want to water your crop or your garden directly from your mobile phone, and visualise the status of your irrigation network instantly.

The Deméter APP enables visualising graphs detailing the consumption and other information of interest, such as the next watering date, the instantaneous flow rate, or the last time there was a connection with your terminal.

Discover the versatility of the Deméter APP, with our new system to program irrigation and assign as many valves as you wish to a program, which can be edited or eliminated.

  1. See the status of your systems easily.
  • Manual or programmed irrigation settings.
  • Total volume measured by the meter.
  • Instantaneous flow rate at the meter.
  • Date and time of next irrigation.

2. Monitor the overall status of your equipment.

  • Meters: Monitor your crop's water consumption with the log of water volumes used.
  • Sensors: Make decisions for your system based on the evolution of analogical parameters such as moisture, pH, chlorine, etc.

3. Schedule irrigation times.

Create new irrigation programs or associate those already set up to new valves.

Establish different parameters:

  • Start and end date.
  • Scheduled time.
  • Irrigation intervals.

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