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Meter reading

The telemetry APP for water meters. 

Meter reading

If you are looking for an application to read remotely your water consumption in your home or water system, Hidroconta Metering, the new application to monitor consumption is here.

The new generation of Smart Water Metering technologies is now ready for you. Hidroconta has launched into the mobile apps market an application that will enable you to monitor consumption, compare data and manage reports on excess consumption.

Hidroconta Metering – available for Android users, with the iOs release coming soon – is your ideal application to remotely read your meter. Directly from your Smartphone, and just with a click, you will be able to:

  • See real water consumption data.
  • Compare consumption data for different months and days.
  • Generate reports to see the consumption in excess of thresholds that you can establish.

¿How do physical water meter systems communicate with digital visualisation platforms?  Hidroconta works with all technologies, choosing the one that is more suitable for each project: Sigfox, NBIoT, LoraWan, Lora, GPRS.

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