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Enhance water filtration with Filtralite: Webinar will explore innovative filter media

  • Enhance water filtration with Filtralite: Webinar will explore innovative filter media

About the entity

Filtralite® is the registered trademark for all expanded clay products used as filter media that are manufactured by Leca Norge AS in Norway.

The need for innovative and efficient water treatment solutions has never been more urgent. A key step in water treatment processes is water filtration, where filter media are used to remove impurities, contaminants, and suspended solids from water. Advanced filtration technologies are essential components of modern water treatment systems that improve operational efficiency and reduce resource consumption.

On Wednesday, June 12th, Filtralite, in collaboration with Smart Water Magazine, will host a webinar to introduce its groundbreaking water filtration media developed by the Saint-Gobain group.

Filtralite offers a revolutionary approach to water filtration. Made from expanded clay, its unique porosity enhances the retention and absorption of contaminants, allowing for greater volumes of water to be filtered more effectively. "Filtralite's alveolar structure allows catching more suspended solids compared to other solutions on the market," explains the company.

Filtralite stands out for its versatility and efficiency. It is suitable for drinking water treatment, pre-treatment for desalination, and wastewater biofiltration. Notably, Filtralite is the only filter media made from expanded clay with NSF certification, ensuring its safety and effectiveness for potable water applications. As a pre-treatment in desalination it will allow more suspended solid in the inlet water as sand or sand/anthracite and will then increase the lifetime of the membranes. Furthermore, Filtralite excels in wastewater treatment and biofilters; its large surface area facilitates the effective transport of biofilm, making it ideal for tertiary treatment.

The unique porosity of Filtralite media enables the retention of more suspended solids. This results in longer cycles before backwashing the filters, so they can be run longer without interruption, thereby decreasing energy and water consumption. With 400 references around the world, the company can assure that Filtralite can increase the time between two backwashes by 2 to 8 times. The average return on investment is 3 years, thanks to reduced operational costs.

Upcoming webinar: Wednesday, June 12 – 15.00 CEST

Next-Gen water filtration: harnessing Filtralite's performance

Filtralite is a disruptive technology, a perfect solution to reduce the pressures of water consumption on the environment, as well as in a context where cities need to deliver more drinking water without building new infrastructure utilities, as Filtralite can increase water production with the same number of filters.

The upcoming webinar will delve into the numerous benefits and applications of Filtralite filter media. During the event, participants will discover the latest innovations in water filtration technology, learning how Filtralite's distinctive properties can enhance production capacity and reduce costs.

The webinar speaker will be Mohammed Kastawy, Area Sales Manager MENA region, Leca International/Saint Gobain, who will introduce Filtralite’s uses in drinking water treatment, desalination pre-treatment, and wastewater biofiltration. Attendees will gain insights into strategies for reducing backwash frequency and improving filtration efficiency.

Join us on June 12th to discover how this innovative technology can benefit your water management practices.

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